How Much Does Mediation Cost?

Conflict with other people is difficult to avoid, whether the issue is an unsatisfactory product or service from a business or a property line dispute with neighbours. Such disputes can be costly to settle in court. Attorneys usually bill hundreds of thousands per hour, and a single civil case will take years to make its way into the court system. This is particularly valid if the case goes to trial or if the unhappy party files an appeal. Is there a better, less expensive way to resolve your dispute?

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is basically a mediated agreement. A third-party impartial mediator who is skilled in dispute mediation techniques sits with you and the person with which you are disagreeing and supports you both in talking it out. A mediator, unlike a judge or arbitrator, does not “take sides” or make a judgement. Rather, the mediator seeks to identify the source of the conflict and consider potential solutions.

Although litigation emphasises disputes between the parties, mediation helps to bring them together. Disputed parties will also emerge from negotiations together than ever before. This is especially helpful in cases where you would also need to deal with each other repeatedly, frequently over an extended period of time, such as with neighbours. Family Mediation Mediators Greenwich


Mediation is a much more cost-effective way to end the disagreement. When your matter heads to court for a full financial hearing, a solicitor will bill you upwards of £20,000 plus VAT. Many attorneys charge more than £250 handling Fee per hour.

At £115 a person per hour, our mediation is one of the most cost-effective solutions open. For this, you can have access to our professionally qualified and experienced family mediators, fixed-fee legal counsel and resources, and our network of specialist firms that will provide you with mortgages, tax advice, conveyancing, and wills. Check for Fees


The time needed for the mediator to arrange for your conference, write up any reports from your sessions, and collect your financial disclosures is included in the expense of your mediation.

We do not charge extra for sending emails, letters, or phone calls. Both meetings can also be held online. Once you’ve reached an agreement, we can calculate the most cost-effective legal package for you based on the number of mediation sessions you’ve attended.

MIAM (Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting) £100+VAT

The procedure begins with a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). It takes place in a mediator’s office rather than a jury.

The intention of an MIAM is to hear about your situation and whether it is sufficient for mediation. Coles Miller charges £100+VAT for this meeting.

Unless there are safety or abuse concerns, anyone seeking to go to court to resolve a child or financial matter must first attend an MIAM.

The Cost of Mediation vs. Going to Court

Mediation with a certified Sebastian church mediator costs £300+VAT per person for each 90-minute session. And an hour-long session for simple cases can cost as little as £150+VAT per person. Because only a few sessions are needed, it is considerably less costly than going to court:

• The cost of using mediation to resolve child custody and financial issues is between £300 and £1,500 plus VAT (depending on how many sessions are required)

• The cost of going to court is between £2,500 and £10,000. (depending on the complexity of your case).

Mediation takes one to three months on average, compared to six to twelve months if the case would go to arbitration. Mediation is often less painful. As a result, it is healthier for both you and your children. You will cut prices, find an understanding easily, have a chance to be heard, and be in charge of the decisions you make. Going to court is more expensive, takes longer, and you hand over decision-making to a third-party judge.