Here at Sebastian Church, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a flexible, cost effective fast resolution to your dispute.
Let us guide you through the process, avoid court and gain back control in your life today.

What Makes Us Different?

Mediation is usually a cheaper, less stressful, and quicker way of settling disputes that heading straight to court.

Professional Accredited Mediators

Sebastian Church offers you professionally trained individuals with the highest qualifications and experience in family law. We take pride in maintaining exemplary professional standards while adhering to the industry's code of practise. Our qualified professional mediators have extensive experience and are sensitive to issues involving family breakdowns. Sebastian Church mediators are experienced, qualified, and professionally trained family law experts. We adhere to professional standards of ethics and strictly adhere to the code of conduct.

Flexible, Cost Effective And Proactive Meetings

After a conversation over the phone, and you want to proceed our mediators will book you in for a MIAMS session. This will enable you to isolate your areas of dispute so you can move forward with your mediator. Here at Sebastian Church we offer evenings, weekend and online mediation so that neither location nor time limitations be an issue. Our mediators also offer shuttle mediation, which can be of advantage should you feel you are unable to attend mediation with your ex partner. Contact us now to secure your appointment and move forward to a calmer future.

Also Confidential Keeping You In Control

Our mediators are accredited and draw on vast experience of mediation, we are committed to finding the lowest stress solution. The biggest question to ask is how much it will cost not to do mediation - avoid a lengthy court battle and book your mandatory mediation session today. Mediation is a personal and also non-binding procedure, which indicates that any kind of conversations you have in mediation can not be utilized in court or revealed to any person outside the sessions (including your corresponding lawyers) without the specific approval of both you and also your partner.

Why mediation over court?

Mediation permits the parties to think about how the arrangements reached in sessions can be recorded to produce a binding agreement. mediation is considerably cheaper, as well as even with lawful advice, the expenses need to be a 3rd of completely contested proceedings.

Rather than a judge, you stay in control of the outcome.

You will make the decisions for your family and we can help keep things on track.

Mediation is now the first step into resolving your disputes.

If you feel your ex spouse wont attend you still need to be able to prove to the courts you have attempted mediation.

This is evident from completing a MIAMS click here for more information, call our team today to discuss your case.

What benefits does Mediation from Sebastian Church offer?

When parents have a hard time to find to an arrangement over making appropriate setups for children after a family failure, arbitration is encouraged.

Participating in mediation has a variety of advantages, such as:

  • providing you extra control over how choices concerning your youngsters are made instead of needing to go via the courts;
  • using a less stressful method to deal with delicate circumstances;
  • improving communication and assisting in the organisation of future setups;
  • making it simpler to examine and also change arrangements as long as both events are on board;
  • and supplying a quicker and also more economical methods of solving conflicts.
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