Do I Need Family Mediation ?

The goal of mediation is a peaceful agreement.

Are you looking for a safe environment with 

which to resolve your family disputes?

Need to be able to sort child arrangements or finances after a split?

Do you need help communicating with your ex partner?

Sebastian Church Family Mediators Can Help

Safe Space For Communication

Mediation is a process that allows families to negotiate future arrangements for their children with the assistance of a neutral third party.

The mediator does not tell the parties what to do, but can assist them in reaching amicable agreements while also attempting to improve communication between them.

Can Mediation Resolve Disputes?

The quick answer is yes. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that gives you more control over the decision-making process. ...

A qualified Family Mediator will meet with you both and assist you in reaching a satisfactory outcome that is beneficial to both you and the children. You can save time and money with mediation.

Do I Have To Attend A MIAMS?

You must attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting before filing an application in court (MIAM).

The purpose of an MIAM is to determine whether mediation, rather than going to court, can be used to resolve your problems.

Mediation will keep you in control of the decision making and outcomes

Is Your Family In Crisis?

Mediation is less stressful and much faster than going to court, and it is less expensive than hiring legal counsel.

Assists you in making decisions about parenting, property, and money. Allows you to retain more control over your family’s future and assists you in prioritizing your child‘s interests.

Are you unable to speak to your ex partner?

Maybe you can't agree on who has the children when?

Are arguments more often and getting worse?

Family mediation is a process in which an independent, professionally trained mediator assists you in negotiating child custody and financial arrangements following a divorce.

Family mediation can also be useful when previous arrangements need to be changed, especially as your children grow older.

family mediation

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• Its quicker, cheaper and less stressful.
Mediators are impartial
• You own the decision-making at all times.
Mediation can be done in same room or separate rooms.
• Mediators are trained to find solutions 4 couples.
• Courts expect most couples to mediate – try that first.
• It’s successful and proven that mediation to resolve issues.

Family mediation is a popular form of alternative dispute resolution that is frequently used in the UK as an alternative to or supplement to going to court to settle a divorce case. A mediator, unlike a judge in a courtroom, is not there to make decisions for the parties.

What are some of the advantages of family mediation?

Mediation can be used to settle disputes between family members in the same way that it is used to settle business and other legal disputes. In family law cases, mediators assist in resolving issues such as spousal support, child support, parenting time and decision-making for minor children, and property division.

Do judges pay attention to mediators?
Yes, the mediator’s recommendations will be considered by the judge, but the judge will also rely on the testimony of the parties and any witnesses presented.

There are a number of other significant advantages to mediation, which include:
Increased control. Mediation gives the parties more control over the resolution. It is confidential…. It is voluntary…. Convenience…. Cost savings…. A faster outcome…. Support…. Relationship preservation.

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