Sebastian Church Mediation service offers cost effective and flexible mediation service for couples. Our fees are transparent and offer flexible choices enabling couples to balance work, life and family commitments.


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Initial Intake/MIAMs/ Pre-mediation assessment

The MIAM process is the first meeting with the mediator, prior to attending a family court. MIAM here stands for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

A MIAM is a meeting where you will learn about what mediation is, and how it can help you so that you can reach an informed decision about whether it is right for you. £99 Per Person

Online Skype Mediation from anywhere you need

We can aid you regardless of where you stay in the world-- as long as one event is based in England or Wales.

Zoom is what we utilize for joint mediation sessions, as well as it functions really well.

For your preliminary MIAM, you can utilize Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom. We provide lightning-fast consultations.

cost per session for you

Asking a neutral, reliable, professional mediator help you resolve your disputes is the best route to reaching a peaceful agreement that everyone is happy with.

At Sebastian Church Mediation, we are experts in mediation and provide a totally confidential process.

It goes without saying that we act in an impartial manner.

Signed Court Forms

An accredited mediator will be able to provide signed documentation for all relevant family law cases. should you be looking to change the name of your child‘s surname, get a vary in living arrangements or look to get custody of a child you must attend mediation first in order to take your case further on to court.

Out of office hours mediation cost per session for you

We understand that work, childcare and schedules all change for each individual.

Here at Sebastian Church Mediators we aim to offer a flexible cost effective solution to this.

We are able to offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your changing schedule and plans.

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Why Family Mediation Is Cheaper Than Court

Due to rising prices in legal costs, many families and individuals are turning to mediation services rather than having to go through solicitors and settling issues in court.

There are some reasons that people prefer to mediate outside of court for financial reasons to the impact it has on all of those involved and the distress it can cause both parties.

Despite the fact that it can sound like a lengthy process, formal mediations are mostly a lot easier than going to court.

What is family mediation?

Family mediation is a process that uses trained professionals to find out what the best way forward is for your current situation.

Many people who wish to take family members to court may find themselves referred to a mediation service in the first instance as a way of trying to resolve the issue without going through the justice system.

Going forward the mediator will determine how many sessions you will need to resolve the issue, the cost of these sessions and if any other registered professionals or services will need to be involved in the process.

Most people find that mediation resolves family disputes quickly and informally.

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Child Fees Mediation

There are a few different situations that call for mediations to be used when it comes to children

They can include:

In some cases, a contact order may be needed to regulate the contact the absent parent has with the child.

If the parent who has sole custody of the child and does not wish to give contact to the absent parent a contact order can be applied for.

The mediation will guide this process, and reasonable contact frequency will be arranged and applied for by order.

This can be for physical contact by also indirect contacts like letters and phone calls. These are sometimes now agreed using the newer child arrangement order protocols.

Residence orders work similarly, but they deal with where the child resides. If one parent wishes to take the child to live abroad or somewhere that isn’t within reasonable distance to the other parent, then a residence order may be put in place or applied for. Again, the newer child arrangement orders cover this so these could be used in the place of a residence order during mediation..

A prohibited steps order stops one parent from carrying out certain events or making specific trips.

For example, if it has been agreed the parent will not take the child to a specific country then a prohibited steps order can be used to block this.

A parental responsibility order is something that can be put in place to give a parent or step-parent the ability to make decisions about the child. If the law states that this parent or family member does not already have this ability by default, then this can be put in place to ensure they do.

Sometimes mediation can be used for a specific issue. While raising a child, there are many different decisions to make like what religion to raise them and what school they are sent to. If the child has a medical condition, it could be that family members do not agree on the form of treatment being proposed. The mediation process is a simple and effective way to use trained professionals to solve specific issues.

Financial Fees Mediation

Another issue that can sometimes arise in families is how to deal with finances and certain financial situations. 

Mediation can help with the following financial issues:

Joint debts can be a huge issue when a family breaks up, for whatever reason. 

Mediation can help to distribute debt fairly and come up with a plan to get any joint debts paid off that does not leave one person in a worse financial situation than the other.

For most people, their biggest asset is their house.

This is why it is one of the leading things that people are divorcing or family members being split up want to sort out first.

There are many different ways the sale of a house can be mediated by both parties being happy, and again this is where the fully trained professional mediators come in.

Savings and investments are another thing that can need to be broken up evenly in the result of death or a family breakup.

Usually, during the MIAM the adviser will go through all of the different savings and investments that are on the table and start to create a plan for selling them to distribute as cash or dividing them up evenly based on the most recent valuations.

Overseas homes are another asset that can cause conflict and confuse during the time a family may be making changes.

Selling property abroad is slightly harder than the property of sale in the UK so a mediation will be able to help everyone agree on what is best.

If the home doesn’t have to be sold but is owned jointly, mediation may be able to help to agree on who gets to use the home when.

Inheritance is a very common issue seen in the mediation process. Not only are the technical details hard to finalise but because of the fact they are usually linked to a death tensions can run high. Attending courts to contest wills and going through a lengthy legal process is the last thing families will have on their mind during such a stressful time, so if there are details that need to be worked out a mediation can do this more quickly and easily. This is another example of where a MIAM can be used to help forecast costs and processes going forward.

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