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Mediation is usually a cheaper, less stressful, and quicker way of settling disputes that heading straight to court.
Most frequent questions and answers
The process may seem confusing, especially as it is compulsory in a minority of cases. However it can assist you in many ways since we can inform you of legal issues and help resolve disputes between your family. Here are some FAQs explaining the process of mediation and the people it can assist.

Simply put, mediation is an intervention in a dispute. However many people come to mediation willingly in order to try a resolve the issue, usually the legal issue, that has arisen.

It needs to be helpful to the dispute and not confuse matters.

It’s important to gain help in disputes, especially if they concern your children. Another strong area of discussion tends to be concerning money, especially dividing money among relatives. Before going to the courts it is best to look towards mediation.

Though cases tend to be about a couple and their children and possibly the children’s grandparents, friends of the family are welcome to attend if they feel they have something to add to the case.

We deal with any cases before they go to court. Some of them may be neighbourhood disputes.

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