Helping Families With Mediation

Helping families


Divorce has never been a bed of roses. It can be quite stressful to both parties and even children if there are any involved. The most affected are the children. That is why you and your spouse should seek for mediation. This is very wise step to take because it decides what is in the benefit of both of you and the children. Mediation is whereby you get a neutral third party and he or she helps the two of you achieve the best decisions avoiding the extra costs involved.

Why choose Sebastian Church

At Sebastian Church, we can act as mediators to help the two of you resolve your divorce amicably. They deal with issues like child custody, child support, parenting time, sharing assets and finances. They gather all the resolutions and gives solutions that will cater for the new needs, demands and meetings. All the parties involved benefit.

Benefits of mediation

If you decide to take your divorce matters to the court or any legal platforms, it might be too costly and dramatic. The expenses are high based on the charges imposed. The legal system does not even put the benefit of all the people involved, they only fight for a single client winning. Mediation is very cost affordable because the cost can be shared between the divorce seekers.

Again for the children, the court divorce can be traumatising because there might be a lot of ‘pulling’ between the parents’ lawyers. As for mediation the process is carried out in a peaceful and less dramatic way. Children are more vulnerable emotionally in such matters and in order to avoid any complications Divorce mediation is the best option for the family.

At the end of the process you get what is more beneficial to everyone with less emotional injuries.

At Sebastian Church the parties should rest assured that the details of the divorce are not disclosed in any way. Therefore, you can talk about anything without holding back and any personal fears.

The mediator is a non-biased party who cannot in any way side with one client and help both of you achieve a peaceful agreement.

Simple process:
Mediation is voluntary and it is better than divorce court because it takes a shorter time and it is less stressful. You don’t have to present any documents and you can attend the meeting at your own free time. Again no witnesses are involved making it an easy process.

Decision making:

The role of a mediator is to help the parties achieve an agreement. The mediator gives you reasonable advice but all decision making is dependent on you. You can choose when to agree or disagree. This ensures everyone is comfortable during and after the process.

For divorce mediation choose Sebastian church because they are the ultimate help for divorce matters.

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