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Family Mediation Milton Keynes

Use the services of Milton Keynes mediaition to take the next step. We help clients going through family problems like divorce and separation by talking to them in a reasonable and factual way about their situation. We base our beliefs on the principle that it is better to avoid conflict through open dialogue.

By helping you have conversations that lead to agreements on child care, finances, property, and other matters that benefit everyone involved, our family mediators give you the power back over your life. Positive, cost-effective, and requiring fewer legal hurdles are some of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution methods like family mediation Milton Keynes. Rather than waiting, being anxious, and spending a lot of money on going to court, you can simply discuss things out with the other party.

What is the procedure of family mediation Milton Keynes?

mediation milton keynes

Less time and money is spent on it, and less anxiety is generated as a result.

  • Mediators are impartial
  • It is always up to you to decide what to do.
  • One or both parties may choose to have the mediation process take place in the same room or in different rooms.
  •  Mediators go through education that equips them to find agreements for fighting couples.
  •  The courts require that the majority of couples first try to address their concerns through mediation.
  •  Mediating conflicts has been shown to be effective through research.


Family Mediation Milton Keynes helps divorcing or separated couples talk through their differences and establish agreements on issues including economics, child custody, and property division.

After all pertinent information, including the entire amount of money at stake, has been given by both parties, they will meet with a mediator who is neutral and will help them work out a solution to their problem(s).

What are the advantages of divorce or Family Mediation Milton Keynes

Why is it a good idea to have a family mediation Milton Keynes?

1. Non-Hostility
The participants in a mediation session are under no obligation to give in to one another’s demands or suggestions. Due to the impossibility of forcing the other side to see things from one’s point of view, negotiation is obligatory. A separation agreement reached via mutual consent is usually preferable to one imposed by the court.

2. Relevance and Efficiency
Mediating disputes is often a more expedient option. A divorce hearing date could be months away. If you want to avoid the time and expense of going to court, mediation is the way to go.

3. Privacy
During mediation, you and your partner won’t have to face a judge and a jury. It’s possible that a lot of the stress that typically comes with divorce procedures may be avoided if all issues could be dealt with discreetly. Some information may be off-limits to third parties per the terms of the mediation agreement.

4. Adaptability
Mediation allows for a greater range of manoeuvrability than would be possible in a courtroom setting. The results of the dispute are in the hands of the parties involved, who can use this power to their advantage by coming up with solutions that work better for them.

5. Cost
The longer a trial may go on, the more questions would remain unanswered, which would increase the cost of the litigation process. Disputed divorces can be much more expensive if experts, witnesses, cost awards, etc. are involved. In contrast, during mediation, both parties invest financially in the mediator’s services and have a shared goal of swiftly settling the issue.

Is a cordial separation in your plans? You could benefit from mediation. To find out what other choices you have for dealing with the conflict, you should get in touch with Sebastian Church.

Divorce mediation can be a great alternative to courtroom resolution depending on the specifics of the case. If you and your ex-spouse are able to find common ground, mediation can help you settle your differences in private. Since the parties aren’t working against each other in mediation, it allows for more leeway in terms of how they approach finding solutions to the issues at hand. If you’re curious about whether or not a mediated divorce is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sebastian Church.

Is family mediation Milton Keynes enforceable in court?

Although mediation Milton Keynes is not binding in and of itself, a court can enforce a settlement reached in mediation and turn it into a consent order.

This step must be taken before the order can be enforced and legally binding.

Is there a need for Milton Keynes family mediation?

The judicial system strongly recommends using mediation as a last resort when parties are unable to settle their differences amicably.

Except in cases of domestic abuse, couples who wish to learn more about the mediation process are required to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

If you decide against mediation, the mediator will provide an MIAM certification verifying that you considered the arbitration procedure in good faith.

After that time, you have the right to request the court’s rationale for its decision.

Reach out to our attorneys specialising in family law if you have questions regarding family mediation.

If you are divorcing or separating and would want to speak with a trained family mediator, please contact us at 03300 101 352 or submit an online enquiry.

Our clients have faith in us because we consistently deliver excellent suggestions in a clear, concise, and unambiguous manner and work hard to achieve the desired results.

Worried about the cost? The government voucher programme is accepted at Sebastian Church Milton Keynes while it is active.