Mckenzie Friend

There are many times when there is disagreement in the family. Family disputes become larger and it becomes necessary to find a way to resolve the dispute quickly.

There may be the need to involve a third party in resolving your family dispute. If you are thinking to apply in court for solving your family matters, then you can apply.

Moral Support For A Person From Mckenzie Friend In Court

For court application, you have to contact a lawyer, whose services can be very costly. Every lawyer will charge for legal advice.

Permission for McKenzie friend in the court:

No judge has the right to deny allowing to McKenzie friend in the court. If a judge is not allowing McKenzie friend, they have to give specific reasons. McKenzie friend will also have to follow all rules for sitting in the court otherwise permission will denied by judge on the basis of their activity inside court room.

Places, where McKenzie friend can’t help you:

Except the LIP, McKenzie friend can’t represent you in the court McKenzie friend also do not have right to take position of LIP and cannot sign official documents. This friend is also not qualified to speak in the court.

Demand of a McKenzie friend risen:

Recently, the demand for McKenzie friend has increased and professional McKenzie friend is also available who provides who legal advice for your family dispute case. In the year 2013, the government changed the rules and stated that family related cases like divorce, employment, child contact and debt related cases may hire McKenzie friend. This rule has increased the demand of such friend and professionally McKenzie friend. You have to pay for a professional McKenzie friend. You can easily ask for legal help from McKenzie friend because they are much cheaper than lawyer.

Benefits of McKenzie friend are:

Moral support from McKenzie friend – You will have someone with you in the court and they will offer you advice related to your case. They will always be with you for providing moral support. Papers - A McKenzie friend tell you which papers are important and when you will need those papers as per your case. They will also help you to note down all necessary things in court. Various issues – You will also get legal advice on many issues related to your case like procedure of family dispute application in the court and what litigants want to ask from the witness in the court.

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Is A McKenzie Friend A Good Option?

Most people who choose to take their dispute to court will also choose to have a lawyer present or will try to solve the matter alone in court. If you want to follow litigation process on your own, you might run into difficulties.

If you are in legal trouble and want someone’s assistant as LIP (Litigant in Person), then you can ask for help from McKenzie friend. A McKenzie friend will be with you in court when you have to present but does not represent you on your behalf.

A McKenzie friend means you don’t have to have any lawyer or barrister with you in the court. This friend helps you in your legal cases but in a different way, such as they may present with you in the court, may help you to note down every important thing in the court and sit in the courtroom with you and give you legal advice. According to the law in the United Kingdom, every person has the right to have McKenzie friend with them in court. If you have any family case, then hire LIP as soon as possible.

Representing yourself in the court is not so much difficult as it sounds because McKenzie friend is always with you. This friend helps you to prepare in advance for representing you in the court and will sit with you during the court proceedings. There are a number of benefits for having McKenzie friend, and you should know about benefits.

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